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Homage to the Guru! Gurus, yidams of all mandalas,
And buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions and three times:
Kindly consider me
Support and bless the fulfillment of my aspirations

Streams of virtue unsullied by threefold fixation are born on the snow-covered mountain of the pure intentions and
actions of myself and all innumerable beings
May they flow the ocean of the Buddhas’ four kayas.

Until that is attained,
throughtout all births, all lives,
May even the words “wrongdoing” and “suffering” unheard
May we enjoy the splendor of an ocean of happiness and virtue.

Acquiring the best leisure and resources, may we have faith, diligence, and wisdom
Relying upon good spiritual friends and receiving
the essence of the instructions, May we practice them properly without obstacle
In all our lives, may we practice genuine Dharma.

Hearing scripture and reasoning frees from unknowing
Contemplating the instructions conquers the darkness of doubt
The light of meditation clearly reveals the nature as it is
May the brilliance of the three wisdoms increase.

The ground is the two truths, beyond the extremes of externalism and nihilism.
Through the supreme path of the two accumulation,
beyond the extremes of exaggeration and denial,
The fruition, the two benefits, beyond the extremes of samsara and nirvana, is attained
May we encounter Dharma free from error and deviation.

The ground of purification is the mind’s nature, a union of lucidity-emptiness
What purifies is the great vajra yoga of Mahamudra
What is purified is the stains of adventitious delusion
May the result of purification, the stainless Dharmakaya, be revealed.

Severing misconceptions of the ground is certainty of the view
Sustaining that without distraction is the point of of meditation.
Training in all aspects of meditation is the best action
May we have the confidence of the view, meditation, and action.

All dharmas are the mind’s manifestations
The mind: there is no mind; it is empty of mind’s Essence
Empty, it is unceasing, and can appear as anything
Having scrutinized it, may we find it.

We mistake self-appearance, which has never existed, to be an object
Under ignorance’s power, we mistake self-awareness to be a self
Under the power of dualistic fixation, we wander in the expanse of samsara
May we get to the bottom of ignorance and delusion.

Not something, it is not seen even by Buddhas
Not nothing, it is the ground of all samsara and nirvana
This is not a contradiction; it is unity, the middle way
May we realize the mind’s nature, beyond extremes.

Nothing indicates this, saying, “It is this.”
Nothing negates this, saying, “It is not this.”
Beyond the intellect, dhamata is not composite
May we realize the perfect, ultimate truth.

Not realizing this, we circle in the ocean of samsara
If this is realized, Buddha is not elsewhere
Everything is this; there is nothing that is not this
May we know dharmata, exposing the all-basis.

Appearance are mind; emptiness is also mind
Realization is mind; delusion is our own mind too
Arisen, it’s mind; stopped, it’s also mind
May we sever all misconceptions in the mind.

Not sullied by the meditation that is conceptual effort,
Nor stirred by the wind of ordinary distractions
May we know how to rest naturally and freely, not altering
May we be skilled in and sustain the practice of the mind.

May the subtle and coarse waves of thought be naturally calmed
May the river of mind, unmoving, come to natural rest
Free from the polluting stains of torpor and dullness.
May the ocean of shamatha be unmovingly stable.

When looking again and again at the mind, which has nothing to look at,
Nothing to see is vividly seen as it is
that is the resolution of doubts about what it is and is not
Without delusion, may we recognize our own nature.

Looking at objects, there are no objects; they are seen as mind
Looking at the mind, there is no mind; it is empty of nature
Looking at both, dualism is liberated in its own place
May we realize the clear light, the mind’s nature.

This freedom from mental engagement is Mahamudra
Beyond extremes, it is the great middle way
As this includes everything, it is also called the great perfection
May we gain the confidence that to know one is to realize the meaning of all.

Unceasing great bliss without attachment;
The unveiled clear light, free from conception;
And spontaneously present freedom from thought, beyond the intellect;
May effortless experiences be unceasing.

May clinging to experiences as good be naturally liberated
May the delusion of thoughts being bad be purified in the expanse
May ordinary mind, with nothing to remove or add, to lose or gain, Unelaborate, the truth of dharmata, be realized.

Although beings’ nature is always Buddha, Not realizing it, we wander in endless samsara
May unbearable compassion arise in us
For all beings who suffer endlessly.

The display of unbearable compassion is unceasing
Within that affection, its empty nature arises nakedly
May we cultivate this integrated path without error
Constantly throughout day and night.

The eyes and clairvoyances produced by meditation;
The ripening of beings, the purification of Buddha realms; And the
completion of aspirations to the Buddhas’ qualities;
May we perfect completion, ripening, and purification, achieving Buddhahood.

Through the compassion of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions,
And the power of whatever pure virtue there is
May the pure aspirations of myself and all beings
Be fulfilled in accord with our intentions.

The Aspiration of the Mahamudra of Definitive Meaning – This was composed by Lord Rangjung Dorje (The Third Karmapa).

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